To make our vision a reality, StoneAge Holdings commits to … 

Uniting strategic resources, talent, and assets to rigorously generate powerful, positive outcomes for the industries we serve. 
Fostering a relentless culture of ownership and innovation that serves as the fuel for ground-breaking industrial, technological, and economic progress.  
Radically embrace and celebrate the authenticity, vulnerability, and differences of all individuals in the organization to encourage deeper connections and collaboration towards collective goals.  

Economic Empowerment through Employee Ownership 

What is an ESOP?


Taking Ownership

Ignighting sucess

Being 100% employee-owned fosters a culture where success isn’t just completing tasks, but genuinely taking ownership of one’s work. 

One Team

One Vision

When we treat each other as owners, we celebrate achievements and learn from challenges, uniting to conquer ambitious goals.


Breeds Innovation

Employees embracing OWN IT thrive with accountability and collaboration, owning their duties and working together for a bigger impact. 


“We are creating a sustainable, forward-thinking company committed to improving the lives of its employees. We are proud that all our employees share in the success of StoneAge and find deeper meaning in their work”